Landscape Design: The Best Herbs for Full Sun Growth

Optimal Herbs for Full Sun Cultivation

All plants adore the sun and will accept as much as they can, right? Well, not quite. You’ll learn that plants have preferences if you’re new to the world of gardening (and you’re starting to get skilled at it too). While some perennial herbs prefer full sun, others could prefer moderate shade, or even complete shade (and may love moist soil, too). The latter could wither and crisp if planted in direct sunlight. In the opposite situation, a plant that thrives in full sun will wither in that lovely but overly-shady location. Discover some of the plants that enjoy direct sunlight. So you know which plants to place in your very sunny position for your landscape design project to receive direct sunlight and others to stay out of the shade.


Coriandrum sativum is also cultivated for its seeds, which are used to make coriander. It grows swiftly and has the propensity to bolt in hot weather. The flowers are also edible and do draw helpful insects, though. Cilantro requires good soil with lots of moisture. Plant seeds every two weeks to provide a consistent supply of leaves for Mexican meals.


The warm-weather and sun-loving Cymbopogon citratus plant can withstand any amount of exposure to the sun. For the finest flavor, choose the West Indian type, and wait to plant outdoors until the nighttime temperature is above 60 degrees F. The natives of the rainforest enjoy the extreme humidity, fertile soil, and copious amounts of precipitation. The grassy plants will remain lush if nitrogen fertilizer is used.


Rosmarinus officinalis’ pine-like scent is a treat to the senses. The plants can even withstand sea spray in gardens by the sea because they do well in dry, sunny settings. In regions with a long growing season, rosemary bushes will regularly bloom with lovely purple blooms in zone 6. Grow on normal soil that drains well and water when the soil surface becomes dry. Aging rosemary plants can become woody, but after being sheared back in the spring, they will generate new, delicate growth.

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