Take Advantage of Our Lawn Care and Landscaping Solutions in Pensacola, FL

Perhaps your schedule leaves you with zero time to mow your lawn and you’re looking for someone who can do this task for you. Or maybe you’ve decided to give your yard a makeover and you’re not really sure where to start. Either way, Earth Scape can assist you! Our team is based in Pensacola, FL, and we offer the following services:

Lawn care

Lawn care

Residential Landscaping

A lot of our customers are homeowners who need expert assistance with improving and maintaining their outdoor space. If you are searching for a trusted and dependable contractor that offers top-tier residential landscaping services, you won’t go wrong with calling our team.

Commercial Landscaping

Aside from helping residential clients, we also lend a helping hand to landlords and property managers. Don’t hesitate to give us a ring if you’re searching for commercial landscaping solutions!

Landscape Design

One of our specialties is landscape design. If you want to update your outdoor space and give it a brand-new look and feel, get in touch with us and let our experts assist you.

Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn can be challenging since there are many tasks that you need to tackle. If you aren’t up for the challenge, don’t worry because our team is here to help! Give us a call to use our world-class lawn care solutions.

Lawn Pest Control

Even if you take good care of your lawn, it can still wither and die if you don’t protect it from pests. To get rid of lawn pests or prevent an infestation from happening, contact our team today.

Irrigation Service

Investing in a landscape irrigation system is one of the best things that you can do as a homeowner. Call our experts if you’re ready to install your irrigation system.

Tree and Shrub Care

Need help with trimming your trees and pruning your shrubs? Get in touch with us! We can tackle all tree and shrub care tasks on your behalf and keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

Earth Scape should be your first port of call if you need help with landscaping and lawn care. Dial (850) 232-7548 now to speak with our specialists in Pensacola, FL and learn more about what we offer!

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